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The Connie Dungs

Welcome to the unofficial Connie Dungs homepage! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I'VE FINALLY UPDATED THIS DAMN PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Connie Dungs are a punk band from the small town of Ashland KY. Ok, their new release is here and you can preorder it from Mutant Pop Records. So if you enjoy rockin' gutair and snotty vocals, check out this nifty site! I'll offer some info. and much more on this swell band. MP3s are here, so check 'em out! **UPDATED!!** (7/1/99). If you wish to e-mail me for questions, comments, love or hate mail, just click the address at the bottom. Enjoy!

Check it out!

The band members: If you were ever wondering just who the hell these guys are...
Their Brand New Album: I'm sure it'll rock!
Their Albums in Review: summaries of ALL their albums (pics included!)
Links: Connie Dungs links!
Bio: A personal insight in band
NEWS!: This section is brand new so come see it!!!
Songs for Swinging Nice Guys: A kinda new album, but check it out!
MP3s: Connie Dungs MP3s (the only place you'll find 'em)

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