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Connie Dung's Biography

The Connie Dungs started around 1994 or 1995. Dave Berger hasn't been there from the start. The original gutairist, Jonny Asshole, quit 'cause he had to go to collegen. Then Rob Lowe, gutairist #2, was kicked from the band. Drummer Chris Griffith and Bassist Wayne Griffth are brothers (according to Mutant Pop newsletter). Brandon's REAL last name is Brandon Tussey (thanx Mandi). The band members are graduates of Russell High Scool, Boyd County High School, or Ironton High School. As for their jobs, (to my knoledge) Brandon is a car salesman, Wayne works at Camelot Music in the Ashland mall, and I don't know where Chris works. The Connie Dungs play often at Spare Time in Ironton OH or at local night clubs or bars in the area such as The Zone in Huntington. Wayne and some other folks formed another band, which I don't know their official name yet, but they're coming out with an album in early '99 which as you probably already know was canceled because it didn't work out. So I'll have some more information posted on that real soon. And as of now... well... thats all I can really think of. So come back later 'cause my lazy ass will be updating this site more often. (soon I hope to have some new scans of the band members and perhaps some show scans when I get a new fucking web browser that will let me upload my scans).

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